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We’re making more memories than ever next summer, and you’re first in line. Share the experience of Biscuits Baseball in 2020 like never before as we bring you a season packed with entertainment! Many games will sell out of tickets quickly, so you must act now to reserve your group tickets (20 or more) to ensure that your group gets the ticket type you want on the date(s) you desire. The ordering process is easy - just follow the simple steps below and the sales department will contact you to confirm all details. Remember, no payment is due until 45 days prior to your event!

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There are three seating options, each priced differently to fit your group needs. All groups receive a $1 discount per ticket:

Super Box Seats (theater-style, limited seating) - $12
Box Seats (theater-style, down base lines) -- $10
Lawn Seating (right field lawn general admission) -- $8

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You may reserve the number of tickets (minimum of 20) that you know your group could use and not be obligated to purchase all of them. Payment is not due until 45 days prior to the event. If you need assistance in determining the size of your group, please call our group sales department at 334-323-2255.

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